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Thassia Teakle, family travel blog and author of @familyofduty, and her 9 years old daughter were in Porto between January 1st and 4th.

Their project was created in 2016, with an Instagram page where Thassia and her husband shared the travel adventures with their youngest daughter. Rapidly, the project grew and originated a travel blog to share some suggestions for places to visit and activities for families, in cities around the world. Today, the family has 50 thousand followers on Instagram and has already visited more than 20 countries. 

The Associação de Turismo do Porto supported this press trip, welcoming mother and daughter and offering transportation and personalized suggestions for activities to do in Northern Portugal. 



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The Lello Bookstore was one of the highlights to our trip to Porto, Portugal. This store is over a 100 years old featuring Neo-Gothic style and art-noveau facade, with detailed carved panels, stain-glass ceiling, a rail cart to move stock and an ornate red looping staircase that connects the 2 floors. @livraria.lello is nothing short of magical! It is said that J.K.Rowling used to hang out here while she lived in Porto and that the bookstore was an inspiration for her Harry Potter books. If you love bookstores like we do then this is a must visit because @livraria.lello is one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world according to Lonely Planet! Definitely the most beautiful I have ever been to. But that means that all other tourists want to see it ? so you should plan for your visit and buy your tickets online ahead! This was a fantastic visit for my daughter and I as Victoria dreams to become a writer (as famous as J. K. Rowling!?) and it wouldn't have been this perfect without the wonderful help from @visitportoandnorth . Thank you <3 I am writing a detailed blog post on how best to visit @livraria.lello and will share with you as soon as it is ready but for now enjoy the images as a treat! . . . . . #LivrariaLello114 #LivrariaLello2020 #LivrariaLello #lellobookstore #Livraria #Bookshop #Porto #PortoPortugal #super_porto_ #super_porto #portugal #oporto #portoalive #igers_portugal #super_portugal #ig_portugal #loves_portugal #portugal_em_fotos

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