Fam Trip South Korea & British Airways

#Fam Trip

Together with Turismo de Portugal and the British Airways airline, ATP organized the visit of four South Korean FIT Travel Agents from 16 to 17 May.

The program began with a reception at the Presuntaria Transmontana restaurant, followed by a visit to Port Wine Cellars in the Sandeman Cellars. They continued the program with a tour of downtown Porto, climbed the Ponte da Arrábida and ended at the Vila Foz hotel where they had dinner at the Flor de Lis restaurant.

The next day they visited Livraria Lello, had a successful tile workshop, and took some time to explore what the city has to offer at a shopping level.

They went to Matosinhos, visited the Pinhais canning factory and had lunch at the Taberna Lusitana restaurant.

They departed back to South Korea, with the right dose of enthusiasm to start working on our destination. 

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