Fam trip Nature, Découverte et Gastronomie du Nord du Portugal

#Fam Trip

The Associação de Turismo do Porto (ATP), in cooperation with the Portuguese Tourism Delegation in France, supported the visit of five French tour operators between September, 26th and October, 1st.

The purpose of this Fam Trip was to show to the tour agents the vast historical and cultural diversity and the different types of tourism services that Northern Portugal has to offer.

During the 5 days of the visit, the tour operators visited the cities of Porto, Guimarães and Lousada and the Douro region. The activity program included traditional lunches, tastings of food and different wines from the Douro and Vinhos Verdes region, visits to museums, a Jeep tour to discover Douro's viewpoints and a tuk-tuk tour through the city of Invicta.

This FAM trip ended with a networking moment between the tour operators and ATP's associates, which took place in Conservas Portugal e Norte, and also included a visit to the factory and lunch at Bistro & Store.

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