Government to clarify rules for events and launch new helpline


In the coming days, the Government will clarify the rules for the sector of events, congresses and tourist animation. The guarantee was left today by Rita Marques, Secretary of State for Tourism, in Braga.

At the opening of the APECATE Day event, which celebrates the opening of the events sector, Rita Marques said that the Secretary of State has been working specifically for the sector of tourist animation, events and congresses in three distinct areas: clarification of rules, cooperation between the public and private sector and communication.

The Secretary of State assured that "everything within the reach of the Secretary of State is being done in order to clarify the rules". Rita Marques puts aside the 5 per 100 rule, stating that the application of "some of the good practices that we have in the cultural shows for the area of the congresses so that the business model is viable" is being considered.

The second priority is cooperation between public and private, which, according to the Secretary of State, goes a long way towards solving administrative constraints, but not only that. Rita Marques recognizes the need to ensure financing so that entrepreneurs in the sector can survive the crisis imposed by Covid-19 and announced a new package of measures for the sector.

A widening of the Portuguese Tourism micro-credit line is planned to include more Codes of Economic Activity (CAE) and they are finalizing the details to convert part of the credit granted to companies into non-repayable funds. Finally, the Secretary of State is preparing a "specific line for companies organising events" for the profits of places that cannot be sold can be compensated by public support.

Communication is the third area of action considered by the Secretary of State.  "We must, in fact, communicate well, positively, assertively, continuously, and this is an effort that assists us all." In addition to the campaigns launched by Turismo de Portugal and the Regional Tourism Entities, Rita Marques underlines the role of all Portuguese and calls on all Portuguese to promote a positive image of the country as a destination.

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