Kampeer & Caravan Kampioen exploring the region!

#Press Trip

Kampeer & Caravan Kampioen - KCK - is the largest and most talked-about camping magazine in the whole Europe. Everymonth it presents an edition with over 100 pages full of adventures, fascinating stories, reports and of course beautiful coloured photographies of several camping-friendly regions. Which includes of course Porto and Northern Portugal, one of the best kept secrets in Europe for all nature lovers.

During this week, Mrs. Lankester and Mr. Kees will be travelling the region to highlight its potential as a camping destination, visiting the city of Porto, the outstanding Douro Valley, more precisely the Alto Douro, in Pinhão, as well as the Ecocamping Juncal, one of the finest sites for campers, located in Marco de Canavezes, in the outskirts of Porto.

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