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The Loading... Jornadas de Eventos is an event dedicated to the event area that will address the challenges of the digital marketing market and event technology. The initiative takes place on February 22, 24 and 26 on the 360 Digital platform.

The event is composed of three panels. The first panel is 'Market Challenges' which takes place on the 22nd and counts with the participation of Jorge Ferreira (BestEvents), José Coutinho (InvestBraga) and André Oliveira (PRE - Pro Rent Events). 'Digital Marketing' is the second panel that will take place on February 24 with André Almeida (Management and Marketing Consulting) and Daniela Pereira (InvestBraga). On the last day, 'Technology in Events' will be under debate with the guests Paulo Dinis (Braga Eventos) and Nuno Seleiro (Asserbiz). The invited moderator is Armando César, director of the Fafe TV channel.

The sessions are scheduled for 9 pm and will last for one hour. They will be broadcasted on the 360 Digital platform, and the link to the event will be available on the event's Facebook page.

Loading... is an event organized and promoted by Lara Couto, Diogo Gomes and Ricardo Ribeiro, trainees of the professional course of technical organizer of events at Esprominho.

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