The first Porto-style gin was born

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Portwo Gin is a gin idealised in history and that embodies the spirit of the city of Porto. Inspired by the city and its inhabitants, the drink explores the duality of the relationship between Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia. On the one hand, it reflects the spirit shared between the two cities and, on the other hand, the different traditions unified through the designation of World Heritage Site.

The drink is distinguished by the exotic fragrance of cardamom that is combined with the usual juniper berries in a structured wine base perfumed by 11 botanists. The formula predominates floral and citrus aromas and a subtle sweetness that can be enjoyed in several ways: simple, with the ideal mixer or just with ice and a twist of lemon.

This Gin, which also intends to be a hymn to Portugal, can be sipped and purchased at No. 9 of Cais da Ribeira, inside the medieval wall of Porto.

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