NEST launches support programme Tourism Now!


NEST - Tourism Innovation Center launched a support programme for the Tourism sector that aims to “take care of the present” which is facing the Covid-19 pandemic, and “prepare for the future”. Tourism Now! is the name of the initiative that has the support of Turismo de Portugal.

The programme's objective is “to promote entrepreneurship and innovation, exchange knowledge and also build bridges between businesses, SMEs and startups”. A network that NEST believes is essential to ensure the future of tourism in Portugal.

So far, the programme is based on three essential pillars, but there is also the possibility of other areas of activity to emerge:

1. Stimulate networks

  • Promote entrepreneurship and innovation. The first step in this direction has already been taken with the creation of the NEST @ Slack network, a channel for the collaboration and discussion of ways to overcome the current Covid-19 crisis and prepare for the future.
  • Nest is also available to provide support to startups that want to apply for the Healing Solutions for Tourism Challenge.
  • Make room for the sector startups so they can share their knowledge and promote their work via online lectures.

2. Transfer knowledge (and training)

  • Develop and share webinars for tourism businesses under the theme "Innovation for tourism", and others targeted at SMEs, with the theme "Digital tools for productivity".
  • Interviews by some of the players to discuss how organisations should “Prepare for the future”.
  • Assessing the Covid-19 impacts via an online survey. The results of this assessment will serve as a basis for the search for solutions.

3. Build bridges by following the #PorTodos movement and promoting solidarity platforms

  • Strengthen the network of startups, disseminating the initiatives that are being developed to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic and its consequences in the future.

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