New Partner: Fado na Baixa


Situated in a privileged location, on a street overlooking the Douro River and the historic area of Ribeira, Fado na Baixa brings to life, in its small auditorium, unique performances of Fado, of impeccable, technical and artistic quality, which make it possible for those who visit us, not only to listen, but also to know the history and essence of the genre.

In the room licensed by Inspeção Geral das Atividades Culturais (IGAC), equipped with 67 seats, takes to the stage, the daily show “Meu. Único. Fado.” (My. Unique. Fado) - a one-hour-long live multimedia experience with Fado, during which some emblematic songs of the genre are performed, along with segments of a short documentary, which revisits through testimonies of leading figures associated with Fado, some of the key moments in the history of Fado.

The show takes advantage of the simultaneous translation technology installed in the Fado na Baixa auditorium, which allows visitors to listen to multimedia content in Portuguese, English, French or Spanish. Customers are offered a glass of Port wine and, at the end, a chocolate, sometimes representing Fado de Coimbra, sometimes representing Fado de Lisboa.


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