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The Grupo Pluma Tour was founded in 2002. According to owner and founder Jorge Alves, pluma "stands for luxury coach and comfortable travel".

Our company’s main activity is the regular coach services to Switzerland but, in addition to these services, we specialise in organising excursions to various destinations. We also rent coaches for occasional services, school trips and transport of all kinds of goods. Our fleet consists of vehicles with a capacity of 75, 51, 17 and 9 seats.

Pluma Pneus was founded in 2009 and arouse from the need to supply tires to our extensive fleet. In this context, we have at our customers’ disposal a 24-hour local assistance van.

We started 2019 with new projects in mind, especially in the tourist area. Committed to boosting tourism in our region, the Grupo Pluma Tour is preparing to put together a series of tour packages ranging from one-day tours to four-day full-board tours. Our packages include visits to quintas (wineries) which produce wine and olive oil from the Douro region, boat cruises with one hour to six hours, and buggy rides. For all our packages we provide a tour guide / interpreter fluent in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese, experienced in tourism and deeply knowledgeable of our region and the best it has to offer.

We also have transfer/shuttle service from anywhere in the country.


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