UNWTO launches Healing Solutions for Tourism Challenge



Healing Solutions - Tourism Challenge is a challenge launched by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) to startups and entrepreneurs. The objective is to find solutions to mitigate Covid-19 impacts in the tourism sector.

This is a global initiative supported by the World Health Organization (WHO). Participants must make use of existing technologies and propose solutions for 3 specific categories:

  • Healing for people: safety measures, sanitizing methods, early detection, among others for tourism stakeholders (to be used by tourists, tourism employees and corporations).
  • Healing for Prosperity: digital applications for tourism, sharing economy, circular economy, revenue management, demand recovery, investments, among other areas, to be implemented for the whole sector near and long-term future.
  • Healing for Destinations: recovery techniques for destinations such as crisis communication, crisis management, mobility, tourism destinations re-branding, travel confidence recovery, among other related areas.

Registrations can be made via the registration form available on the UNWTO website until Wednesday, April 15th.

The proposals will be evaluated in 2 phases: the first will be the value-added solutions presented and the second will be assessing the response capacity and the potential to be applied in different countries.

The solutions will then be disclosed in a digital booklet. It will be up to the governments and responsible entities of each country to apply the suggestions that best apply to them.


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