Porto has a new tourism promotional campaign


Porto city Hall will launch, until the end of 2022, a series of 22 thematic promotional videos, which aim to value and publicize the potential of the city, as well as promote it locally, nationally, and internationally.

In an era when digital is the order of the day, particularly for researching the places one wants to travel to, promotional videos are irreplaceable tools in creating a positive picture of the destinations, often providing potential tourists with their first contact with the place to visit.

Aware of this reality and aware that "a picture is worth a thousand words", even more so at a time when tourism has to forcefully reinvent itself, by sharing positive experiences that encourage people to leave home and stroll safely , the Municipality of Porto invests in a strategy of the city's tourist promotion.

Based on audiovisual, the new campaign aims to touch various tourist profiles and, therefore, unfolds in more than twenty short films, which also attest to the cultural, social, architectural, heritage and gastronomic richness of the city itself. "Gastronomy and Wines" is part of the range of videos premiering.

The promotional video focused on "Handicrafts" is also available.

In response to tourist demand with an interest in local traditions and heritage, among other motivations, ten videos will be launched over the next year, covering the following themes: architecture, viewpoints, spots perfect for shooting a movie, accommodation, sightseeing tours, Porto de Tradição stores, high-street shops and businesses.

For 2022, ten videos to illustrate the multifaceted and vibrant character of Porto are planned. "The Hidden side of Porto", "Events", "Urban Art", "Outdoors", "Nightlife", "Sports", "Accessibility", "Research Centres", " Local Filmmakers | Producers" and "Fairs and Markets "will be the highlighted themes.

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