Porto will have new connections to Dortmund


Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, in Porto, will see its connection to Dortmund strengthened from October onwards. Ryanair adds a weekly connection at the end of October and Wizz Air will begin flying between the two cities on December 13th.

Increased demand from both German and Portuguese customers has led the Irish low-cost airline to decide to increase the frequency of flights between the cities of Porto and Dortmund. From October 28th, Ryanair will begin flying three times a week instead of the two usual flights between the North of Portugal and the German city. The decision is part of the airline's winter plan, which aims to respond to tourists who want to go on a winter getaway.

Wizz Air announced last week that it will include Porto in the list of 18 new destinations it will operate from Dortmund. With an expected frequency of two flights per week, the start of the air route is scheduled for December 13th, but tickets are already available on the company's website. The Hungarian low cost justified the decision with the popularity of Porto among tourists, but also with the strong community of Portuguese origin that resides in the city.

Ryanair was the only airline with flights between the two cities. The route that is now strengthened began a few years ago and, in 2019 alone, registered about 36,000 passengers.

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