President of Turismo de Portugal believes in a quick recovery


The President of Turismo de Portugal says he's "very optimistic" and believes in a quick recovery of the sector because "everything that has made us the best destination in the world for years is still here".  

Portugal maintains a positive image, much because of the way it has dealt with the pandemic, and this has earned many international accolades, which, according to Luís Araújo, are good possibilities for recovery.

Despite the fear of tourists and the low levels of confidence of national companies, the head of Tourism of Portugal guarantees "we have everything to grow". He also explains that, in addition to the measures taken both to control the Covid-19 pandemic and now to recover the economy, it's necessary to continue to invest in "very factual, very tactical, different communication in different markets and fundamentally emotional".

In the Webinar "What now? Tourism: the reinvention of a sector", promoted by Nova SBE, Luís Araújo also called for the creation of synergies between companies in the sector. "We have to be together to resume as much as we can and above all as fast as we can", reiterating that the objective is "to get out of this together and quickly".

On the strategies of Turismo de Portugal for when they reopen the borders, the President of the institution said that the "health passport" will be resumed. This initiative, launched last year and aimed at British tourists, will now be regained internationally in order to restore confidence to the markets.

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