Press Trip Michelle Divon

#Press Trip

As part of a collaboration between ATP - Associação do Porto e Norte with a partnership between the Portuguese Tourism delegation in the United States of America and the Israeli Ministry of Tourism, we received and supported a visit from the prestigious journalist and presenter Israelo-American Michelle Divon.

Between 6 and 8 September, ATP received the journalist Michelle on her trip to Porto with the mission to discover our history and Jewish heritage of the region. First, there was a visit to the Kadoorie - Mekor Haim Synagogue, and then we headed to the old Jewish Quarter of Porto, Rua S. Miguel, among other ancient Jewish quarters. In Rua S. Miguel, we visited the Porto Hekhal, a central element of a Synagogue discovered in 2003.

Within a short time available, we tried to show a bigger vision of Porto to the journalist: we accompanied her on a visit to the world famous Livraria Lello and the Palácio da Bolsa (Stock Exchange Palace), we took a Six Bridges cruise and we visited Matosinhos where we had lunch! 

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