Press Trip Svenska Dagbladet – SVD

#Press Trip

Day 1 – Friday

The Porto and Northern Portugal Tourism Board welcomes two journalists from Svenska Dagbladet – SVD - , the most prestigious Swedish newspaper. The aim of this trip, which will be taking place this weekend, is to cover a 12 page article of Porto.

Day 2 – Saturday

Our two guests will be visiting some of the highlights of Porto today, starting with the beautiful Casa da Música which was inaugurated in 2005 and since then has become an icon of contemporary architecture. By the end of the day they will explore/are exploring the Serralves Foundation which consists of a Contemporary Art Museum, a Park and a Villa, each one an example of contemporary architecture, Modernism and Art Deco architecture. 

Day 3 – Sunday

The two journalists will start their day with a breakfast at the unique Yeatman Hotel where they will enjoy/are able to enjoy the stunning view of Porto, before crossing the road to visit Taylor´s Port Wine cellars, one of the oldest of the founding Port Houses.

To end the morning and the Press Trip they will take/ are taking a beautiful cruise on the Douro river and have/having a wonderful lunch on the rooftop of Porto Cruz.

It will definitely be an awesome article!

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