Recovery of tourism should be faster in Portugal and Greece


Several tourism experts point out Portugal and Greece as the winners in the battle for tourism recovery in Europe.

A study by InterfaceTourism concluded that more than 87 percent of tourists will choose the European continent for their next trips and that destinations little affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, of which Portugal and Greece stand out, will be the first to recover.

The more than 1100 professionals interviewed by the study are optimistic that they will be able to travel by 2020, but they warn that the trend will be very much towards national tourism. Tourists will avoid long distance trips and will give preference to nature and seaside tourism.

It is also expected that people will travel less and with smaller budgets. The budget for holidays in 2020 and 2021 should be reduced to 10-30%.

As for the criteria for choosing destinations, the priority is, without surprises, health and safety, but other factors such as cancellation policies and reimbursement will also be considered by consumers.

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