River & Sea & Culture Press Trip

#Press Trip

From July 8 to 11, the Associação de Turismo do Porto e Norte programmed and supported a Press Trip with a group of UK journalists with the theme River & Sea & Culture.

The group, consisting of 4 journalists (Best Magazine, Woman Magazine, Wallpaper Magazine, Telegraph & Argus) was always accompanied by a Tourism Driver.

The program began with a late-lunch, on Monday, in Porto, followed by a visit to Lousada, where the group started the Romanesque Route. In the meantime, they visited several places, among them where the Interpretation Center of the Romanesque, the Monastery of Travanca, the House of Embroidery, the Museum of Pão de Ló Margaride and the Monastery of Santa Maria de Pombeiro.

The program continued in Ponte de Lima and then the group went on a visit to the Peneda Gerês National Park. On their way back to Ponte de Lima they took a walk on the Caminho de Santiago. They finished the trip in Viana do Castelo, with a small visit to the city, followed by a visit to Hotel Feel Viana with lunch.

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