Russian Interunion at Porto & North

#Fam Trip

Interunion is a tour operator based in Russia with relevance in major eastern european countries which provides leisure and sightseeing tours, and, aware of the touristic potential of Porto & Northern Portugal and of its growing international positioning, decided to Visit the region to create bonds with local partners and business, offering new possibilities to visit our territory.

During this fam trip, the russian members have visited the city centre of Porto, considered an World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and stroll around some of the most relevant touristic landmarks of the city, such as Livraria Lello, Torre dos Clérigos or Aliados Avenue. Closeby, they had the chance to visit Gondomar, known for its Rota da Filigrana, a jewelry tradition of artisanal production which is a must-visit for tourists. Porto wine and sea food played also an important part of this fam trip, in some of the best resturants and cellars.

But the region has much more to offer, thus a visit to Guimarães is something always worthwhile due to its historical centre, the rickety houses and medieval buildings, recognised, in 2001 as World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. Minho is also famous to the way its people welcome visitors to this unique city. Also Vila do Conde Porto Fashion Outlet, a place of capital importance for all shopping lovers had a visit, which will certainly boost its international notoriety.

Interunion is now formulating touristic packages to Porto & Northern Portugal and we will let you know they programs soon!

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