Serra D'Arga can be classified as protected landscape


The Caminha City Hall approved, in an executive meeting, the proposal for creating the Serra D'Arga Regional Protected Landscape Area, in a project that also includes the municipalities of Viana do Castelo, Ponte de Lima and Vila Nova de Cerveira.

The proposal whose objective is to conserve the Nature and the biodiversity of the mountain and comes about at a time when the Government intends to create a lithium cluster and the battery industry. Serra D'Arga is one of the nine areas that could be included in the public tender for the attribution of lithium and mineral prospecting rights.

The designation of Serra D'Arga as a Regional Protected Landscape, under the Legal Regime of Nature Conservation and Biodiversity, would allow to halt any intention of mineral exploration in the region. Furthermore, it would create the necessary conditions for integrated management of the area by the municipalities responsible, facilitating in establishing a joint strategy for the preservation and enhancement of the existing heritage.

The municipalities involved also believe that the proposal would bring new dynamics, especially associated with the exploration of the territory from the tourist point of view and environmental awareness and education activities.

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