Swiss wants to extend flights to Porto


Swiss intends to restart its activity with 190 flights 41 European cities and several long-haul destinations. The already existing connections with Porto should be expanded.

The Swiss airline plans to operate up to 190 flights from Zurich and Geneva to 41 European destinations, through a gradual increase over the weeks and as the destination countries open both borders and suspend the need for quarantine on arrival.

There will be a reinforcement of existing connections to Oporto, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Berlin, London and Stockholm and new connections to major European, Mediterranean and Scandinavian destinations are planned.

In addition to European connections, the airline will also resume some long-haul connections, with flights between 1 and 4 times a week, to destinations such as New York, Chicago, Singapore, Bangkok, Tokyo, Mumbai, Hong Kong and Johannesburg.

[Photograph ©Baltimore Sun]

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