Termas Porto e Norte de Portugal is the new brand for the promotion of thermal spas in the Northern Region


Turismo do Porto e Norte de Portugal and Associação das Termas de Portugal launched a new major brand, Termas Porto e Norte de Portugal, with the aim of promoting the thermal baths as a whole. The brand brings together the 21 thermal spas in the Northern region and will carry out activities to structure and promote the spas.

“This partnership with the Associação das Termas de Portugal is aimed at joining efforts to develop a programme of activities for structuring and promoting the spas, based on a renewed offer of thermal tourism, on the enormous potential resulting from these changes in the use of the facilities by the impacts of the pandemic”, explained Luís Pedro Martins, president of Turismo do Porto and Norte de Portugal, during the webinar to present the new brand.

Luís Pedro Martins explained that “it is in thermal tourism that Porto and the North of Portugal have their differentiating element”, since the region has a “very significant portion” of the country's thermal springs offer, which calls for the creation of this new brand, which will contribute to consolidate the region as a “destination of excellence in health and wellness tourism”.

The President of Associação das Termas de Portugal, Vítor Leal, stressed the importance of the brand not only for the spas, but also for the entire Northern region, considering that thermal tourism is a product of “very high quality, which can bring more and new tourists to the North of Portugal”.

“The thermal baths in the North are among the best in Portugal and Europe. If we link them to sustainable tourism and put them on the agenda, it will be a differentiating opportunity. The beginning of the path will be long, but we are all united in promoting it”, said the president of the Association.

During the webinar, the graphic image of the new brand was presented, as well as the structuring and promotion plan for the new brand, which kicks-off this year and will continue in 2021 and 2022.

According to the plan presented, the new brand aims to develop the attractiveness of thermal destinations, create value and reactivate demand in the post-COVID-19, essentially targeting the domestic and Spanish markets, as well as other European markets, namely France, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Germany.

The new brand will be promoted through digital media, travel agencies and operators, specialized press and other partners, with the aim of attracting young couples, young families, solo adults and people over 55.

In total, the plan for structuring and promoting the new brand foresees an investment of 280 thousand euros, which will be subsidised by European funding and national and/or private contributions.

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