Thirty-seven awards for Porto & North at the "Cinco Estrelas Regiões" awards


The destination Porto & North was granted thirty-seven awards within the scope of the «Cinco Estrelas Regiões» award, awards granted by the vote of the Portuguese people, who thus choose the best that the country has to offer in different areas.

In all categories, Porto & North won awards, which shows the attractiveness of the destination. In the category of "Landscapes" were selected: Paiva Walkways, Viewpoint of Fraga do Puio, Viewpoint of São Leonardo da Galafura, Monte de Santa Luzia and Port Wine Trail. “This series of awards validates what I have been saying since I took office: the North has everything”, says Luís Pedro Martins, president of Porto & North Tourism, emphasising that “the region offers unforgettable holidays and it offers a wide diversity which allows us to meet the needs of any tourist”.

With regard to cuisine, gastronomy and regional products, the choice fell on Codfish à Braga, Abade de Priscos pudding, steak from Miranda do Douro, Port wine, sarrabulho, cristas de galo and alheira.

From heritage, tangible, and intangible, highlight to Bom Jesus Sanctuary, Serralves, Serra do Alvãoand the bobbin lace handicrafts, Bisalhães black Pottery (declared in 2016 as Intangible Cultural Heritage by Unesco), filigree and even the Barcelos rooster. The towns of: Gerês, Rio de Onor, Vilarinho de Negrões and Arcos de Valdevez also were awarded by the Portuguese people.

In the area of ​​hotels, urban, wine tourism or rural tourism, the choices fell on: Douro Royal Valley, Hotel Minho, Moov hotels, Quinta de La Rosa and Casas do Pousadouro. The popular festival of Nossa Senhora da Agonia was chosen in the category of «Festivals and popular festivals». The beaches of the North of Portugal were also noteworthy, namely the river beaches of Azibo and of Azenhas, and the sea beaches of Apúlia and of Senhor da Praia. The Nature Water Park of Sabrosa was awarded in the theme park category.

The «Cinco Estrelas Regiões» award is an evaluation system that measures the degree of satisfaction that products, services, and brands of Portuguese origin grant to its users. Through a national survey, with direct nominations by the population, the most relevant national icons for the Portuguese were identified, in terms of cultural elements, natural resources, monuments and heritage, villages, towns and cities, gastronomy, as well as natural and typical products of our country.

During nine months, around 260 thousand consumers evaluated more than 900 items.

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