#VoltaremosPortugal: a movement that gives prizes to those who praise restaurants, hotels and people


#VoltaremosPortugal, a platform that enables to praise restaurants and hotels and their most competent professionals, was launched on Saturday by Classihy, a Portuguese tourism startup.

The movement asks people to "support their favourite places" at a particularly difficult time for the hotel and restaurant industry, because of the Covid-19 Pandemic. There are prizes for those who participate in this movement. You just have to register on the platform voltaremos.pt, choose your three favourite restaurants and hotels and upload one theme photo. You can also pay a compliment to a particular employee.

This initiative wants to launch a “support movement” and aims to “raise the morale of the owners and employees of restaurants and hotels” says Ariane de Melo, Classihy's spokesperson.

The prizes, which can be weekends or meals in national restaurants and hotels, are given to the most creative photographs by a jury consisting of Mariana Alvim (presenter at radio RFM and a writer), Miguel Guilherme (actor and comedian), Miguel Cymbron (VIP Hotels), Luís Salema (Grupo Sushi Café) and Sebastião Correia de Campos (Photographer). Winners will be able to enjoy their prizes at the end of the quarantine period.

Participations are open until next April 30th. The platform will also serve as a free means of communication for restaurants and hotels. There, these businesses will be able to disseminate information about their establishment during the time of social isolation so that their customers are kept up to date with all their news.

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