Porto has air, sea and land links that connect it to the main European cities. The investment on the quality of these contributes so that the city has an excellent relationship abroad and with its visitors.
  • Airplane

    Porto International Airport is located 15km from the city centre. The connections to the city are made through a good network of Bus, Metro and Taxi.

    Porto is located 300km north of Lisbon and has a privileged geographic position in terms of access to the main European capitals.

    The main airlines fly directly to Porto.

  • Boat

    Leixões Cruise Terminal / APDL port is only a few kilometres away from the centre of Porto and receives cruise ships from all over the world.

  • Train

    Porto has international trains, Alfa Pendulares, intercidades, interregional, regional and urban, allowing connections to various destinations in the country and abroad.

  • Car

    Porto and Northern Portugal is served by a modern road network that enables those who come from Galicia, Algarve, Lisbon, Coimbra or any other part of the country to easily reach the city and from there to any other destination.

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