@viajareslou in Porto with Porto.CARD

#Press Trip

@viajareslou in Porto with Porto.CARD

Cristina Contreras, influencer, Instagrammer and author of the blog @viajareslou was in the Cidade Invicta, between January 28th and 30th with Porto.CARD. 

The purpose of the project "Viajar Eslou" is to promote the cultural identity of the cities around the world. The disappearing of the individual culture of which city due to globalization and massification of modern times was one of the incentives for the creation of the blog. Until now, Cristina gained visibility by promoting the identity of cities in Spain, Greece and Cyprus. 

The Associação de Turismo do Porto upheld the visit of the blogger, offering a Porto.CARD and with the arrangements for a private visit to Livraria Lello. 

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