Pedras Salgadas train station will be transformed into a tourist information point


The Municipality of Vila Pouca de Aguiar will restore the old railway station of Pedras Salgadas which will be converted into a tourist information point.

Located next to Estrada Nacional 2 (EN2) [A-road], the building will be transformed into an Interactive Tourism Store, in a project that also includes creating a car park and the restoration of the surrounding area, where local products can be sold.

The objective of this initiative is, according to the municipality, the “enhacement of the water resource, the incentive to the activities of development of traditional and quality products and the improvement of the quality of life of the local populations”.

The municipality also points out, since the Corgo train line was closed, between Vila Real and Chaves, the building was deteriorating and that the expansion of the urban centre of Pedras Salgadas will contribute to the promotion of the thermal baths sector and attract travellers who travel the EN2 or the ecopista (nature track) that occupies the old branch line of the Corgo line.

The investment of around 700 thousand euros results from an application to the Operational Programme for the North Portugal Region and has a community investment of around 560 thousand euros. The project has already obtained the assent by IP Património, a company of the Infraestruturas de Portugal (IP) group which is responsible for the management of the public real estate assets.

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