Herança Judaica no Norte de Portugal

#Fam Trip

As part of a partnership between the Associação de Turismo do Porto e Norte and the Center for Jewish Studies, between 5 and 8 August, ATP traveled the northern region with the goal of making a photographic archive of the Jewish Heritage. In this group were Dr. Ruth Calvão - Director of the Trás-Os-Montes Jewish Studies Center and Nelson Monforte - Director and actor, responsible for the filming and photographs.

This trip started on August 5th, with a visit to Porto (Sé, S. Bento Railway Station, downtown Porto, and Mekor Haim Synagogue). Already on August 6th, the group visited Chaves, Vines and Bragança.

On the third day, the program began with a photographic reportage of dishes with crypto-Jewish tradition at the Michelin star restaurant Geada. With that being said, they continued on a visit to the Jewish city and interpretative center, Carção, Miranda do Douro and Alfândega da Fé. There was time to visit Vila Flor and Torre de Moncorvo.

On the last day, they returned to Porto, having had the opportunity to know the city in a deeper way, visiting Palácio da Bolsa, Ribeira and a Hekhal in Rua de S. Bento da Vitória.

This photography inspired trip will, in the future, allow the production of short films about the Jewish Heritage in Porto and Northern Portugal.

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