Lonely Planet gives you reasons to visit Porto & the North



Lonely Planet, a major travel book publisher, this month released an article with the main reasons why a tourist should visit Porto and Northern Portugal. Describing us as a "region that has its own history, climate, landscapes and traditions", Lonely Planet speaks of cities like Braga and Guimarães as urban epicentres full of culture. Nevertheless, they reinforce that it is in the interior that the real beauty of the landscape is found. From Peneda-Gerês Park to Pena Aventura, passing through the Diver Lanhoso, Natural Park of the North Coast, Alvão Natural Park, Natural Park of Montesinho and Natural Park of the Douro, the activities they describe are accessible to all and promise a fun holiday for all the family. To conclude, the journalist also approaches our wines, especially the famous Vinho Verde and traditions and festivals typical of this area, such as the Festival of Friday Thirteen.

To read the full article, click on the following link: https://www.lonelyplanet.com/portugal/travel-tips-and-articles/why-adventure-lovers-should-head-to-northern-portugal/40625c8c-8a11-5710-a052-1479d2750fc8

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