Macedo de Cavaleiros commits to higher education in tourism


The municipality of Macedo de Cavaleiros signed a partnership with Instituto Superior de Lisboa e Vale do Tejo (ISCE) and with Instituto Superior de Ciências Educativas do Douro (ISCE Douro) to strengthen its commitment to higher education and enhancement of the territory and human resources.

The cooperation between the municipality and the higher education institutes has the objective of creating courses aimed at the qualification of the human resources of the municipality and the enhancement of the region in the tourism industry. Research protocols and workshops will also be developed and scientific meetings will be promoted, in addition to the availability of resources, documents and logistical means. “There will also be an exchange of technicians and specialists between the institutions, in an action that, I believe, will have great advantages for both the Municipality and the institutes”, says the Mayor, Benjamim Rodrigues.

The protocol, which is already in effect, will run for two years and has the possibility of being reviewed annually.

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