Melgaço launches competition project to create a museum of Street Art


The Municipality of Melgaço launched a competition to create a museum of Street Art on the theme of wine and vineyards. The competition aims to create, over the years, an open-air museum, which can be visited 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

“Memórias do Alvarinho de Melgaço” is the name of the competition open to national and international artists that runs until January 15th. The jury will select the 10 most creative proposals that best reflect tradition, wine and people from the Monção & Melgaço sub-region. The 10 selected works will be presented at an exhibition promoted by the municipality, the two works that stand out the most will be granted 10,000€ and 8,000€ for the artistic design and output of the respective works and will be part of the open-air museum.

The objective of the initiative is, according to the municipality, "it aims to enliven the urban area, boost the territory, attracting new audiences, and contribute to consolidate the wine culture and the local economic dynamics, as well as the promotion of tourism".

The competition rules can be found at

[Photo ©Publituris]

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