Porto & North Tourism Board/Porto Convention & Visitors Bureau inaugurates new facilities in Porto


On 18 April, the Porto Convention & Visitors Bureau inaugurated its new headquarters in the city of Porto, on a symbolic day for this great family of Porto & North Tourism Board.

The inauguration of the new headquarters, located in the Miguel Bombarda cultural district, was attended by the distinguished Mayor of Porto, as well as the governing bodies of the Porto Convention & Visitors Bureau, and more than a hundred members from the region's public and private sectors.

Luís Pedro Martins, President of Porto & North Tourism Board, declared it was a very happy and important day: 'Two and a half years later, we have achieved another goal in the path of functional merger between the Entity and the Regional Agency. One workspace. One team.,' he said.

Rui Moreira also highlighted the importance of the new headquarters in this joint work of the two regional tourism organisations for the growth of the destination: 'With the arrival of Luís Pedro Martins, it was possible to bring together these two institutions, which now collaborate actively and organically, despite remaining autonomous. And this is crucial for the region,' noted the Mayor of Porto.

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