Porto & North Tourism and Porto Municipality aligned in the tourism strategy of the Region


Historic moment in the framework of tourism management and promotion of Porto & North of Portugal

On April 5th, date on which the tourist offices have reopened within the scope of the gradual plan of lifting the lockdown, there was yet another historic moment for the Region’s tourism, materialised in the culmination of a model of management and tourism promotion, shared between Tourism of Porto & North of Portugal and the Municipality of Porto, within the same space and the same team, taking yet another step in the ongoing functional merger and the first step in extending the marketing model to the Region. “From now on, we add to the Porto Welcome Center, the tourist service, which was previously provided at the Tourist Office - Centre, owned by the Municipality of Porto, and the two institutions now share the same space. This model is the perfect symbiosis between public and private strategy, in which Porto City Hall consolidates its support in favour of the union and recovery of tourism throughout the region” says Ricardo Valente, councillor for the Economy, Tourism and Trade Department at Porto City Hall. Luís Pedro Martins, President of Porto & North Tourismstresses saying that “this new management strategy for the Porto & North destination, results in a better tourist information service as it responds to the trends in the evolution of the tourist consumption profile which the recommendation of tourist experiences by tourism specialists, considering the importance of the destination’s official seal regarding safety”. Both are unanimous in the affirmation of “Indeed, Together We Are More North!”

At this phase regarding this time of the lifting of lockdown, this service will be available from Monday to Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm, in-person at the Porto Welcome Center, and online via the whatsapp and chat service.

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