Survey reveals more than three-quarters of Europeans still expect to travel abroad this year


More than three-quarters of European respondents still expect to travel abroad this year completed a survey by LuggageHero, a short-term luggage storage company.

In the latest Travel Review, conducted from 5-12 July, of its clients, Luggage Hero concluded "only 39% of Europeans who will need accommodation in 2020 say they prefer hotels rather than short-term leases, due to hygienic security factors regarding the risk of infection by the Covid-19 virus" and "61% say they trust the ability of short-term rental hosts to ensure proper hygiene conditions".

Europeans are already beginning to venture into travel, mainly in their own country or to nearby destinations. "37% of Europeans surveyed have already made a domestic trip, while 17% have travelled to an international destination". Of the 77% who still say they hope to travel abroad this year, 69% will give preference to city destinations, while 31% will favour nature destinations.

About the travel period, almost two-thirds of European participants said they were more optimistic about the possibilities of travelling abroad during the winter, while 30% responded that they would not travel abroad during the summer holidays, given the risk of infection.

The study also revealed that confidence levels in airlines are low. Only about a third of respondents (38%) said they were confident about travelling by air. A further 24% said that even if they do not feel confident about air travel during a pandemic, they will continue to travel because they have no options. About a quarter of European respondents (23 per cent) said they plan to travel using their own car in order to get extra security.

Finally, the survey showed that Europeans' travel budget has been reduced. In April and July, those figures fell to 36% and 37% respectively. For those who will reduce their budget, the percentage reduction has increased, with about a third saying they will reduce their travel budget by 40% or more for this year.

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